ZelCore v1.3.2 — “Georgia” Update | 19Jan2019


Release notes for next ZelCore update

ZelCore v1.3.2 — “Georgia”


  • New stable asset — Stasis EURS
  • New Help Center w/ live support, forums, and new reworked FAQ
  • Several minor performance tweaks

Bug Fixes:

  • Update Kyber exchange API
  • Import of address and dumping wallet in Full Node
  • Ethereum/ERC20 tokens sometimes showing 10x larger fiat value


  • If you have auto-update enabled in Settings, ZelCore Desktop will automatically update when the release is pushed
  • ZelCore Mobile updates are handled by the App Store/Play Store
  • After Zel pushes the release, the app stores have a review period that can take additional time before the update is accessible